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See Below for Booking Terms and Conditions

For Group Pass Bookings of 20 guests or more and Forest Spa Retreat Bookings please request a separate Booking Form through our Contact Page


Booking Policy for Forest Spa

Forest Spa specialises in eco spa days and overnight events and celebrations. For each event we may source and commission, in addition to the resident Forest Spa team, masseuses, catering providers, workshop leaders and other professionals. Our booking protocol seeks to ensure that we honour our commitment of excellence in service to you, whilst also ensuring our commitment with affiliate providers. Once you have made your reservation, Forest Spa will send you:

  • Booking Confirmation & Receipt of Payment
  • Arrival & Departure Information within 6 weeks of your event.
  • Equipment / Clothing Checklist within 6 weeks of your event.

Terms and expressions explained

The terms, 'we', 'our', and 'us' means 'Forest Spa’ as a trading name of Hetti Dysch. 'You' and 'Group Contact' refers to the person who has made the reservation on behalf of each person in the group. 'Commencement' means the start date of the day or overnight booking. 'Weekend(s)’ or 'Overnight(s)’ refers to any Forest Spa booking of one or more than one night duration.

1. Where relevant, the role of the Group Contact

Please ensure that the Group Contact, if listed on the Booking Form has read and signed the declaration at the bottom of the form. It is the responsibility of the Group Contact to ensure that each person listed on the booking form has read and agrees to the terms of the Booking Conditions set out in this policy.

2. Accessibility & Getting to the Meeting Place

It is your responsibility to get to the Meeting Place at the correct time. We will provide assistance where possible to help make travel straightforward and stress-free.  There will be a 25-minute walk from the car park area to the woodland. Forest Spa is situated in a natural forest with uneven terrain. Accessibility may be difficult for some people. Please contact us to discuss access if you have concerns.

3. Activity Insurance

We recommend that you consider taking out activity insurance to cover both the activities of the day, overnight or weekend and any last minute cancellations that you may need to make.

4. Day, Overnight & Weekend Descriptions & Prices

The day, overnight and weekend descriptions, prices and booking conditions listed on the Forest Spa website or in associated publications or other websites are accurate at the time of reading and are published in good faith. However, due to currency fluctuations and rising costs, Forest Spa reserves the right to modify the price and itinerary. All prices are shown in sterling pounds, and payment must be made in sterling pounds.

5. Forest Spa Etiquette

Out of respect for the privacy of all guests and the restful atmosphere that we are committed to providing, neither mobile phones nor cameras are permitted for use in the Spa enclave unless there is group consensus.  If a group consents to this, please keep mobile phone usage to a minimum. Please also maintain reasonable noise levels and refrain from displays of intimacy. Swimwear should be worn in all public areas.

6. Forest Spa Treatments

Treatments are to be booked in advance and guests requested to arrive 10 minutes early for their treatments. We do not offer treatments to young people under 18.

7. What to bring / Changing Facilities

Towel, robe & slippers are not included; please bring your own.  There will be a limited number of robes / towels / flip flops available for purchase / hire on the day. Some of the changing suites are mixed. Your personal belongings will be stored in shared spaces. No responsibility can be accepted by Forest Spa for the safety of money or valuables. Forest Spa will not be liable for damage, injury or loss caused to our guests or their belongings.

8. Young people

Children of 12 upwards are permitted when accompanied by an adult or guardian on a 1:1 ratio. We regret that we do not offer spa treatments to young people under 18. Proof of age may be required.

9. Pets & Animals

We cannot allow guests to bring pets to Forest Spa. Please advise us in advance if you have a guide / assistance dog, so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

10. Payment

Please note payment of the deposit may be made by BACS or by cheque, by special arrangement. The remaining balance may be paid by BACS or by cheque, by special arrangement. If relevant, the named Group Contact is responsible for payment of the whole group. The deposit per person for Day Packages is £35.00 .  The deposit per person for Day Packages accompanied by overnight accommodation is £75.00.

11. Final Payment Due Date

All final payments are due no later than 6 weeks before commencement of the weekend. If we do not receive the balance by this date it may result in the cancellation of your Forest Spa experience. If you are booking at short notice, full payment will be required for bookings made 6 weeks or less to the date of commencement. Once you have made your reservation, Forest Spa will send you a Booking Confirmation and the following:

* Booking Confirmation & Receipt of Payment

* Arrival & Departure Information within 6 weeks of your event.

* Equipment / Clothing Checklist within 6 weeks of your event.

12. Cancellation / Alteration by Forest Spa

A forest-based event requires a degree of on-site flexibility. We cannot control the weather and in extreme weather conditions may need to change the planned itinerary and for safety reasons we reserve the right to cancel an event and, or, if necessary alter the time of arrival and or departure.  Forest Spa also retains the right to cancel a booking due to unforeseen and prohibiting circumstances. In this eventuality a reimbursement of monies paid will take place and an alternative recommendation given.

13. Cancellation / Alteration by you - *All Deposits are non refundable*

If you wish to cancel your Forest Spa day or weekend the following charges apply:

6 or more weeks

Loss / Transfer of deposit (£35.00 per person for Day Packages and £75.00 per person for Day Packages accompanied by overnight accommodation) to another day, overnight or weekend experience within the same calendar year

Between 6 and 4 weeks

Forest Spa retains 50% of the full weekend price.

Between 4 weeks and 1 week

Forest Spa retains 75% of the full weekend price.

Less than 1 week

Forest Spa retains 100% of the full weekend price.

Once your booking has been confirmed, a cancellation will only be accepted in writing from the group contact. Cancellation Charges will apply at the date we receive written notification of cancellation of the whole booking. You will not be able to cancel part of your booking.

You will be liable for 100% of the cost of any pre booked additional services that include, massages / pamper or any other upgrade services pre-booked. These pre-paid services are non refundable and where relevant, the Group Contact will supply a credit card or debit card details, or a cheque, as a bond against failure, where applicable, to pay for package elements booked and arranged on your request. Monies will only be taken in the event the group failure to pay.

For group bookings, if you wish to cancel on behalf of only some of the group then the cancellation charges outlined above will apply pro rata but we may become entitled to cancel the event. Please note that our minimum booking for a Group Pass is 10 participants and if your numbers fall below this, you will be charged for this minimum. All cancellations must be sent to us in writing.

No refunds will be made if you or any group members choose to leave your day, overnight or weekend early or choose, for whatever reason, not to participate in any of the events on your itinerary.

Forest Spa cannot be held responsible for any changes or cancellations to your day, overnight or weekend due to wars, threat of war, terrorism, industrial action, civil strike, airport closures or congestion, fire, technical problems, weather or any other difficulties beyond our control.

Where possible, if you need to change the date of your day, overnight or weekend, Forest Spa will endeavor to re-book an alternative date at your convenience. In this instance there will be no loss of monies other the administration fee or additional costs incurred, as explained above and below, for making this alteration.

An administration fee of £25 per booking plus any additional cost incurred will be charged if a confirmed booking is changed or transferred to a different date or package, up to 6 weeks prior to commencement. Your new booking must be taken within the same calendar year. Changes are subject to availability.

14. Medical Requirements

Where relevant, by forwarding the Booking Form, the Group Contact certifies that each participant in the group does not have any known physical, or any known medical or other condition that would create a hazard for herself / himself or other participants. It is essential that any participant with a medical condition requiring regular treatment or which may be affected by rigorous activity, cold, heat etc, notify Forest Spa in advance of commencement. This includes Pregnancy. We do not have a resident doctor.  We reserve the right to request and view a doctor's letter prior to entering the Spa or providing a treatment and, if necessary, to refuse the treatment on medical grounds or ask that you sign a disclaimer. 

15. Smoking, Liquids, Alcohol & Acceptance of Risk

Forest Spa has a smoking area that will be shown to you on arrival. Due to the heat within our wood fired hot tub and sauna, we recommend strongly that you drink plenty of fluids during your visit. Malvern spring water is freely available. We advise against the excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks prior to your visit to the Spa.  Whilst using the facilities, we operate a 2-alcohol unit limit. We reserve the right to refuse admission.

Although staff prioritise safety and Forest Spa holds public liability insurance, we advise that you consider adventure travel insurance before the trip. Please be assured that Forest Spa will always do the utmost to ensure your safety and well-being when attending an event. However, there are some inherent risks that cannot be covered against by Forest Spa. On arrival you will be given a briefing that will inform you of inherent risks on site. The purpose of this is to make you aware of the risks involved with the day, overnight or weekend and to indemnify any service providers and Forest Spa from any claims made by you for incidents arising due to circumstances outside the service provider's and Forest Spa reasonable control.