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Experience tranquillity, replenishment and wild luxury in our woodland eco spa

Our eco-spa is dedicated to tranquillity.  Set within ancient woodland it is the ultimate antidote to a busy life.  A place of simple beauty, Forest Spa offers a new kind of spa luxury,  'wild luxury.'  Imagine trees replacing marble lined walls, a forest breeze rather than air conditioning, an earth floor instead of slate tiles and the sweet call of birdsong rather than 'relaxing music'.

Enjoy the very best of Scandinavian and Japanese

traditions of wellbeing

We have taken influences from the Scandinavian sauna lifestyle along with the Japanese inspiration of being bathed in the atmosphere of the forest, known as, ‘Forest Bathing’.  Our oak woodland has no straight lines, just a weave of small pathways that support a biodiversity of native flowers. The result is the alchemy that is Forest Spa, a new wave of wild spa luxury.

Relish the range of restoring treatments and nature

inspired workshops

Enjoy the quiet forest cocooned in a hammock. In addition to soaking in our restorative spring-sourced water, select a treatment from an expert therapist or stretch out with a yoga session. See our packages page here.

secure a visit to forest spa with a group pass

A limited number of places for Forest Spa are released every year.  Bookings are now open and we have available 104 booking days for Group Passes for 2018. A group of 10 or more will secure a Group Pass offering one of the most exciting ways to celebrate friendship - luxuriating deep in the heart of a beautiful British woodland. We have a selection of retreats and speciaiised days which are also available for individual bookings.

SOME Favourite thingS FROM OUR GUESTS:

"Being in a swimming cossie, outside under the trees and listening to the birdsong"

"Couldn't say - just being quiet and listening to laughter"

"loved the natural 'forest bathing' with luxury thrown in"